Sussex Montessori School 2

Changing the Picture of Education
in Sussex County

Envision a School that:

Montessori Works is engaging with the Sussex community to change the picture of education for students and families through the establishment of Sussex Montessori School. As a public school, Sussex Montessori School will create new choices and opportunity for Sussex County families.

Montessori education provides a unique choice for elementary students through a holistic, personalized approach to learning. Montessori students are confident, intrinsically motivated, persistent, adaptable, collaborative, responsible, creative, and academically well-prepared. The foundation Montessori education provides persists through the middle school and high school years so that students emerge ready for whatever is next in their lives: college, the workforce, community service.

Montessori learning is effective for children from all types of backgrounds and abilities. Montessori students demonstrate strengths in reading and creative writing, score higher than average in understanding mathematical concepts and in applied problem solving, and perform well on standardized tests (see the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector website.)

While Delaware is making educational progress, only a third of Delaware students are reading or doing math at grade level, and significant achievement gaps are still evident across levels of socio-economic status and English language proficiency.

Despite years of educational reforms, children in Sussex County have limited choices. Reducing the impact of poverty while lessening the ethnic and racial disparities in our community begins with thinking differently about what education looks like in Sussex County. Schools need to address opportunities for students from all backgrounds who want–and need– to be challenged academically and socially.

A Montessori education blends academic challenge with the teaching of practical and social-emotional skills needed to be successful in a diverse community. Sussex Montessori School will invigorate the community with child-centered education that will help shape a prosperous future for the diverse children and families in Sussex County.