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American Montessori Society

The American Montessori Society (AMS) is the foremost advocate for quality Montessori education, an innovative, child-centered approach to learning. AMS sets the high professional standards that inform Montessori education as practiced in AMS-accredited schools and taught in AMS-affiliated teacher education programs.

American Montessori International/USA

The Association Montessori International/USA (AMI/USA) is a national non-profit organization that upholds Dr. Maria Montessori’s original vision. As the Primary Operational Affiliate of the Association Montessori Internationale in the United States, AMI/USA oversees the school recognition and consultation program, conferences and events, the MES FUND, INC. and individual membership opportunities. AMI/USA supports the work of AMI training centers, Montessori parents, teachers, administrators, and schools.

National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector

The goal of the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector is to advance Montessori education in the public sector through the support of a robust network of practitioners, researchers, parents, and leaders committed to realizing Maria Montessori’s vision of education as the great work of realizing the child’s potential.

Montessori Teacher Association of Delaware

MTAD has a long history beginning under the leadership of Lillian Shah of the Elementary Workshop Montessori School who sought to bring teachers together to share their classroom experiences. In 2006, the organization incorporated as an official non-profit organization. During recent years, the organization has expanded to offer conferences, workshops and other support for Montessori educators. The organization is guided by a Board. It is our hope to expand the participation of members as we plan for conferences and take on initiatives in public policy to support Montessori programming for children.

Montessori Public

MontessoriPublic is a digital and print communications and advocacy platform bringing Montessori into the public conversation. The successor to Public School Montessorian, MontessoriPublic presents news and information about Montessori public schools (district, charter, and magnet), other publicly supported Montessori programs, public policy affecting Montessori, and Montessori-relevant ideas and events in education.

Montessori Research 

Scientific research confirms that Montessori children have an advantage not only academically, but also in social and emotional development.

Recommended Montessori Books

The American Montessori Society has catalogued an exhaustive list of books related to Montessori education. If you are looking to increase your knowledge of Montessori education, looking for a gift for a Montessorian in your life, or just want to keep up with latest research in Montessori check out this list.