Establishing a Public Montessori Presence in Sussex County

Montessori Works is a non-profit organization founded to increase accessible, authentic, quality Montessori education in Delaware. Montessori Works creates opportunities for districts and communities to start Montessori schools and programs by supporting curriculum development, planning; professional development, teacher preparation, and by advocating for policy changes needed to support Montessori in public schools.

The Montessori Works Board is a statewide group of parents, educators and community leaders who have experienced the benefits of Montessori education and have committed themselves to increasing the opportunities for all children in Delaware. The Board is submitting a an application for Sussex Montessori School as a charter school enrolling approximately 260 children aged 5-12 years old (kindergarten through grade 6). While the school will be open to any student residing in Delaware, its location in Sussex County will allow it to primarily serve students from the Sussex community.