What is Montessori Works?

Montessori Works is a school development organization founded to increase accessible, authentic, quality Montessori education in Delaware. The board includes Montessori experts, educators, parents, and others who are working to make Montessori programs a more broadly available option in the public arena.

Montessori is a proven educational model with limited availability to children in Delaware. Montessori Works is making Montessori an option for more families by:

Expanding Montessori in the Public Sector by providing comprehensive school start-up support, including development of curriculum, policies and community connections; operations planning and support; and professional development and human resource assistance for districts and charters.

Establishing Sussex Montessori School in Sussex County. We are finalizing our charter application for submission in December 2017. The application is drafted and in final stages of development.

Increasing the Montessori Teacher Supply in Delaware by creating a Montessori Training program in partnership with the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS) and potential local university partners and focusing on dual-certification requirements for Montessori teachers and administrators in public schools.

Increasing Montessori Awareness by sponsoring seminars and other opportunities for communities to explore how children learn through Montessori.

Advocating for Pro-Montessori Public Policy by working with State legislators, Governmental Departments and Agencies, Non-Profit organizations and Education-Reform minded corporate citizens and community members.

Sussex Montessori School

  • Montessori Works is submitting a charter application to the Delaware Department of Education for Sussex Montessori School, with an expected opening date of Fall 2019.
  • The vision of the Sussex Montessori School is to use the Montessori Method to educate children through authentic personalized learning experiences, respectful relationships, opportunities to innovate, and a focus on global citizenship.
  • The Montessori approach provides a unique choice for students: a holistic, personalized approach to learning for a diverse student population. As a result of their participation in a Montessori education, students are confident, intrinsically motivated, persistent, adaptable, collaborative, responsible, creative, and academically well-prepared. They emerge more than ready for whatever is next in their lives: college, the workforce, or community service.
  • Montessori Works believes that the creation of a Montessori public school in Sussex County, DE will improve student learning, allow for greater choice for parents, and serve as a model for alternative approaches to education by providing a proven and innovative teaching and learning environment.

Sussex Montessori School will enroll students aged 5-12 years old (Kindergarten through Grade 6) who wish to participate in the Montessori approach. While the school will be open to any student residing in Delaware, it will primarily draw students from the western side of Sussex County in the corridor bounded by Bridgeville to Laurel and west of Georgetown to Seaford.

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